Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
In situ Conservation
Source:BGCI     Release time :2010-01-19

In situ means "on site", so in situ conservation is the conservation of species diversity within normal and natural habitats and ecosystems. (By comparison, ex situ conservation focuses on safeguarding species by keeping them in places such as seed banks or living collections.)

  Because our natural systems face many threats, conserving them is not easy, and must use many techniques. This include the development, designation, and management of protected areas, tackling alien invasives, habitat restoration and re-creation, and working with communities to promote sustainable plant use and land management. It is important that ex situ and in situ conservation are designed and practiced to reinforce and complement each other. For example, the collections of botanic gardens can provide a source of material for habitat restoration.


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