Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Special Issue “Celebrating Research Devoted to Seed-free Land Plants ”in “Journal of Systematics and Evolution”
Source:Xinhua     Release time :2019-08-14

This special issue (edited by Harald Schneider, Macroevolution Group) contains nine studies that highlight the progress in our research on seed-free land plants including studies on the fossil record (Sadowski et al. 2019; Regaldo et al. 2019, Mamontov & Ignatov 2919), taxonomy (Lee et al. 2019), reproductive biology (Pressel & Duckett 2019), plastid genomes (Yu et al. 2019), phylogenomics (Pereira et al. 2019; Medina et al. 2019), and polyploidy evolution (Liu et al. 2019).
The special issue was initiated and assembled as a memorial to one of the leading researchers in seed-free land plant studies, Jochen Heinrichs (1969-2018). This issue will contribute to the continuing success of JSE which achieved an impact factor of 4.04 in 2018 (Q1 in Plant Sciences).
It also documents the strength and high quality of research focusing on these unique plants carried out and led by researchers at XTBG.




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