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Third edition of The Ecology of Tropical East Asia published
Source:     Release time :2019-06-28

A new edition of The Ecology of Tropical East Asia, written by XTBG professor Richard Corlett, has just been published by Oxford University Press in the UK. 

 The previous edition, which was also written at XTBG, was published in 2014 and this edition has been substantially updated throughout. This is still the only book that comprehensively covers the ecology and conservation biology of the whole region, from Bhutan to the Ryukyu Islands and from subtropical China to Indonesia. 

 The eight chapters deal with: the environmental history of the region, the physical geography, the biogeography, the plants, the animals, the ecosystem processes, the threats, and the opportunities for conservation. Unlike the previous editions, most illustrations are in color. 

 The book is targeted at graduate students and researchers in the region, but will also be useful for anyone else interested in the Asian tropics. The third edition continues the tradition of having a gibbon this time - a male siamang - on the cover, since gibbons are endemic to the region. 

The Ecology of Tropical East Asia
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