Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
New cultivar of passion flower got registered by Passiflora Society International
Source:     Release time :2021-08-06


Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red', a new cultivar of passion flower, has been recently registered by the Passiflora Society International (PSI)). It is the first new passion flower cultivar approved by the PSI in China and featured as cover story on the Pssiflora: the Journal & Newsletter of Passiflora Society International on No.1, Volume 30. 

The registration number of Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red' is 258. It’s originally grown by Wu Fuchuan of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG). It’s tetraploid selected by Passiflora miniata x Passiflora miniata.  

Seeds from the parent Passiflora miniata were planted in the matrix, and when the seedlings had just grown their first true leaf, cotton wool balls impregnated with colchicine were placed on the growing point. The characteristics of the treated seedlings were examined and compared with those of the original variety for the first selection. 

Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red' is similar or slightly larger dimensions than P. miniata, but more substantial. Its flower is 12 cm in diameter. Its petals are scarlet. Its flower is single, mainly flowering from February to April. 



Passiflora Society International (PSI) is dedicated to the conservation of the genus Passiflora through 

§ the sharing of knowledge of the genus, its species and cultivars throughout the world 

§ the promotion of cultivation and propagation of living collections 

§ encouraging the creation and registration of cultivars for their flowers, fruit and other characteristics 

§ seeking ways to ensure the survival of endangered species and cultivars. 



Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red'  


Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red'  


Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red'  


Passiflora miniata 'Xishuangbanna Red'  

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