Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Leaves of Victoria water lily in XTBG reach 1.92 meters in diameter
Source:     Release time :2021-07-15

Victoria amazonica is the world’s largest water lily. It is also known as Victoria water lily, Giant water lily, Amazon water lily, or Royal water lily. This plant is known for its massive leaves, which allow it to absorb as much sunlight as possible and are structurally supported by large spongy veins. 

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) has been cultivating the giant water lily at the aquatic garden for many years and being a star attraction in summer. This year, the leaves of Victoria water lily in XTBG reach 1.92 meters in diameter, which are the largest size and a historic record of the garden. 

Every year, XTBG offers popular science activity of “taking Victoria water lily as my boat”, which attracts visitors to experience sitting on the huge leaves and win warm applaud among the public. This is the best time to enjoy the largest leaves among all aquatic plants in XTBG. Come to sit on the leaves floating in water!  

The leaves have upturned edges and the leaf underside (and stem) are covered in sharp spines, a possible defense against herbivores such as fish and manatees. These giant water lilies grow best in shallow, quiet waters such as the backwaters of large river systems. 

Victoria amazonica is a perennial herb with the tuberous rhizome. he flowers  are white during the first night and turns pink during the second night. part from this, flowers are fragrant, bisexual, and pollinated by scarab beetles. 


Victoria water lilies in XTBG. 


The largest leaf is 1.92 m in diameter. 

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